Programs & Services

Old Vineyard treats a variety of mental and behavioral health conditions and provides both inpatient and outpatient programs.

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Who We Treat

Nothing is more important to the staff at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services than the mental and emotional health of the patients we see. With that in mind, we offer a variety of behavioral health services in Winston-Salem, NC, to help those in need get the treatment they deserve.

Whether you or a loved one suffer from trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, or suicidal thoughts, we make it our mission to provide care that helps to address, and eventually heal, behavioral health issues. From psychiatric medication management to therapeutic sessions, we make sure your health is taken care of. We are happy to treat:

Treating a Variety of Behavioral Health Disorders

While we may classify people as suffering from the same disorders, this does not mean that any two patients are alike. That is why we offer an individualized approach to your mental health. Regardless of what you are suffering from, we can find an approach that works best for your situation. Whether you need anxiety treatment or help with sexual or emotional trauma, we’ll approach your behavioral health on a case by case basis.

Specialty Programs

Trauma Recovery

We support patients through trauma by equipping them with the coping mechanisms they’ll need.

Dual Diagnosis

We address the dimensions of mental health and substance abuse by using a holistic approach.

Mood Disorders

We treat disorders such as bipolar and depression using cognitive, dialectical and recreational therapies.

Outpatient Programs

Day Programs

Our structured schedule benefits individuals dealing with a significant lifestyle change, mood disorders or substance use.

Intensive Outpatient

Our flexible schedule provides the structure our patients need while they learn to implement new coping skills.

Take the First Step to Recovery

If you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health, please get help now. We are here to assist.