Specialty Programs

Our specialty programs at Old Vineyard are designed to treat those who have experienced trauma or have a mental health issue combined with substance use disorder.

A group of women smile and pose for a picture.

Trauma Recovery

This holistic program is for adult survivors of physical, emotional, or sexual trauma who are in crisis. Trauma-focused treatment involves self-care and learning a new normal. Individuals will learn how to manage stress, regulate their emotions, understand their thoughts, and work on self esteem. Yoga is taught along with relaxation and deep breathing techniques. At discharge, patients will be connected with a trauma-focused clinician whenever possible.

Mood Disorders

Our Mood Disorders Program located in the Franklin building, is our latest program addition focuses on disorders such as bipolar disorder, major depression and persistent depression without psychoses. Treatment involves cognitive and dialectical therapies as well as recreation, yoga and pet-assisted therapy to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Dual Diagnosis

By addressing mental health alongside addiction, our Dual Diagnosis Program helps patients understand the link between the two and find new ways to manage. The complexities of co-occurring disorders are approached through structured days and group therapy.

Take the First Step to Recovery

If you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health, please get help now. We are here to assist.