How Do I Know If It’s PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder can happen to anybody. Sometimes people that struggle with the stress disorder struggle to identify if they have it. Whether they see the signs in themselves or someone they love, they cannot correctly diagnose the issue. Many people recognize the [...]

Understanding PTSD

What is PTSD? When many people think about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD for short, they often picture soldiers that are returning from war. During their time in that environment, many of the soldiers picked up physical wounds and scars. Even more, [...]

Types of PTSD and Stress Disorders

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health diagnosis that affects about 4-10% of the US adult population. While many people associate PTSD with soldiers returning home from war, the disorder can affect many more people.  PTSD occurs when a person experiences a trauma [...]

10 Things You Should Know About Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The term “dual diagnosis” refers to someone dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction and a co-occurring mental health condition. The issues often present together because drugs and alcohol are used by some in an attempt to self-medicate the symptoms of an undiagnosed [...]

Treating Addiction Like Any Other Disease

By Pat Matuszak A teenage boy lies in a hospital bed with IV tubes attached to his arm. His scalp and eyebrows are missing hair — signs of chemotherapy. He looks worried as he focuses his eyes from one of his frowning parents [...]

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