What To Expect

If you or a family member is considering treatment at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services, you can expect that you’ll receive the highest quality psychiatric treatment delivered by caring and compassionate physicians and staff. This is because we strive to be completely dedicated to our vision of being a nationally recognized behavioral health leader, providing quality care and treatment of individuals with specialized needs in a clean and orderly environment.

In order to realize this mission, we’ve committed to the following principals:

Service Excellence

All services will be provided to patients and family members in a timely, professional, effective and efficient manner.

Measurable, Continuous Improvement

We will constantly assess how well we are meeting the key needs of our patients and work to improve our services and treatment.

Employee Development

We understand that the quality of our treatment and services is dependent on the professionalism and drive of our people. We will hire talented people, build their skills with training and experience, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Ethical & Fair Treatment for All

We are committed to forming relationships of fairness and trust with our patients, physicians, purchasers of our services and our employees.


We will work together to provide continuously improving patient care and customer services. This team approach will allow us to fully focus on individual patients.


We will never lose sight of the fact that we provide care and comfort to people in need. The patients and families that rely on us are fellow human beings, and they will receive respectful and dignified treatment from all of our employees.

Innovative Service Delivery

We will invest in the development of new and better ways of delivering our services.

If you have additional questions about the treatment process or your stay at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services, you can browse our list of frequently asked questions or learn more about the services we offer.

You can also always contact us online or by calling (336) 794-3550.