Adolescent Services

The Adolescent Acute Psychiatric Program at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services is designed to provide a supportive, nurturing environment that promotes health and healing for teenagers. These services are provided to teenagers ages 12-17 who are in need of rapid and immediate intervention and person-centered therapy. The goal of our adolescent program is to provide a safe place where problems can be identified and solutions are explored. This program treats intensive, crisis-oriented psychiatric disturbances where the likelihood of harm to self or others is significant. Our teens have a highly structured day which includes evidence based cognitive behavioral programs, school during the academic year, journaling, recreation therapy, pet and art therapy.

Our Adolescent Acute Psychiatric Program provides the following services:

  • Intake Screening and Assessment – This comprehensive intake screening and assessment process is done upon admission to determine the adolescent’s exact needs which will then be used to craft a comprehensive treatment program. Along with the assessment, a complete psychiatric and physical history will be obtained from the patient’s family or another reliable source. Having this information is extremely helpful in understanding the past and current psychiatric needs of the adolescent, which allows our staff to provide more effective treatment.
  • Evaluation – An initial evaluation of the medication needs will be addressed after the assessment. Often in cases of acute psychiatric crisis, medication stabilization is the first step toward alleviating the individual’s psychiatric emergency.
  • Person Centered Therapy – This form of therapy and programming focuses on the process of healing, wellness and living with a mental illness. Our counseling and therapy services are provided by a licensed master’s level therapist. Individual therapy sessions are tailored to each patient’s specific and unique needs.
  • Group Therapy – Structured therapeutic recreation groups are a vital part of the psychiatric treatment programming. Often through the process of activity therapy, patients gain a deeper insight into their individual issues and learn new and more appropriate coping skills for their mental health condition.
  • Active Family Counseling – When appropriate, active family counseling is used to ensure that the individual’s family is involved and educated about the benefits of the treatment process.
  • Aftercare and Discharge Planning – Aftercare planning includes medication management education, community resource information, relapse prevention education and appropriate discharge referrals in order to ensure that the teen will go on to lead a healthy and productive life after they leave our program.

If you would like more information on the Adolescent Acute Psychiatric Program or you feel your teen needs an intervention, please contact us online or call us at (336) 794-3550 or toll free at (855) 234-5920.