Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services. If you require additional information or have other questions, please call (336) 794-3550 and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

Will my family be involved in the treatment process at Old Vineyard?

At Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services, we consider family involvement to be an essential part of psychiatric treatment. With the patient’s consent, a clinician will contact their family with treatment information, updates for each patient and will schedule family therapy sessions when appropriate.

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When are visiting hours? Will I have phone privileges to contact my friends and family?

Each patient is given a code for the family to give to our receptionist when calling. Visitation and phone times are during specific hours for patients staying at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services. The patient handbook indicates all visitation and phone times. All visitors must sign-in and check all packages at the reception desk and at the unit’s nursing station before being permitted to enter the facility. Please call the reception office at (336) 794-3550 for specific times and hours of operation.

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What is the cost of an assessment?

Assessments are performed at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health free of charge and are done to help us better understand the mental health and rehabilitation needs of our patients. Call (336) 794-3550 for a free assessment over the phone.

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Do I need to schedule an appointment?

We strongly encourage those in need to call and schedule an appointment, but we are available for emergency mental health services when necessary.

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Will my insurance cover the services I receive?

A consultant from our business office will explain insurance, authorization and billing. Additionally, our Assessment and Referral Center will ensure that insurance benefits are verified and will pre-certify the hospital stay with your insurance company. Contact with your insurance company to ensure coverage will be maintained throughout your stay at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services. We accept most major insurances, including TRICARE®.

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How long will I be in the hospital?

The length of an inpatient stay depends upon individual treatment needs. Old Vineyard will provide care for the length of time deemed appropriate and necessary to ensure that patients will depart from the facility and lead a successful and healthy life within the community.

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What should I bring to the hospital?

  • Three changes of clothing (washers and dryers are available; no strings on any of the clothing)
  • Basic toiletries/grooming aids
  • Cordless electric razors
  • Cordless electric toothbrushes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Glasses, contacts, contact solutions, hearing aids and batteries
  • Slip on shoes and socks
  • One set of warm outerwear
  • Appropriate sleep wear and under garments
  • Books, magazines, journals as approved by therapist
  • Calling cards and prepaid phone cards
  • Lip balm
  • Flowers with the patient name and ID# in plastic vase
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Will I be able to smoke while in the hospital?

Old Vineyard does not currently allow patients to smoke during their stay in inpatient units. Physicians at Old Vineyard can assist patients by ordering smoking cessation assistance such as a nicotine patch or inhaler.

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What will happen after I leave Old Vineyard’s facility?

Discharge planning for patients begins on the day of admission. Upon release, Old Vineyard will provide each patient with information regarding helpful outpatient services to meet his or her needs.

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